Hello, my name is Alarice Mitchell, and I would like to tell you about me. As a Certified Life Coach Minister, I use my skills to help others improve their lives. In addition to this, I am also a singer who started her career in the early 2000s. However, my journey toward pursuing music was not easy as I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for years. It was during this difficult time that I turned to God and sought solace in strengthening our relationship. With Jesus by my side, I overcame these struggles and continue to spread His message through my writing. Furthermore, apart from being a life coach minister, and singer, I am also an author and poet. My words reflect my personal experiences with mental health issues and how faith played a crucial role in overcoming them. Through all of these avenues – coaching, singing, writing -I strive to inspire others on their journeys toward healing and self-discovery through the power of God’s love.

Read the Bible regularly

Attending church and identifying as a Christian is not enough to truly call oneself a child of God. It requires daily reading of the Bible and actively acknowledging God in every aspect of life. The Holy Spirit should be our constant companion, guiding us through all circumstances – only then can we fully embrace our identity as children of God.

Renew your mind

As I study the Bible in search of understanding worship, I find that my journey is not simply about gaining knowledge, but a process of healing. The Holy Spirit guided me to John 4:23-24 which emphasizes the importance of worshipping God in spirit and truth. Through this verse, I learned that true worship is not just an outward expression but comes from within our spirits. In my pursuit to understand worship more deeply, I also discovered that mental healing is available through Jesus Christ. Not only does He heal us physically, but heals our minds as well. This realization brings comfort and hope to me because, like many others, I have struggled with negative thoughts and emotions at times.

Romans 12:2 instructs us not to conform to the ways of this world but instead to be transformed by renewing our minds. This powerful scripture reminded me that we actively work on changing our thought patterns and aligning them with God’s truth. And through this transformational renewal process, we can experience true freedom and peace. My study of worship is more than an intellectual exercise; it is a transformative journey led by the Holy Spirit toward healing and a renewed mindset. As I continue my relationship with God through authentic worship, may you also find encouragement and inspiration for your spiritual walk.

Live in victory

The name of Jesus holds immense power, enabling us to overcome any challenge and experience transformation in our lives. It is because God desires us to live in victory through the life-changing influence of His Son.

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Worship Healed Me: From Anxiety and Depression

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